Such a fun odd turn of events has lead to this blog post.

Many of you know that I live in Pennsylvania Dutch country, in the teeny little village of Virginville.  The style of the PA Dutch is pretty prevalent around here, of course on barns, but also on the restaurant walls, meat shops, antique malls, etc.

Eric Claypoole working on a hex sign in Virginville.

I've done several designs inspired by this style - a distlefink, a hex sign, trinity vine tulips - a whole folky collection.  They had kind of run their course, selling decently but only to people who had a real connection to PA Dutch country ...

SO, enter the Facebook page Pennsylvania Dutch and Proud!  and wouldn't you know it someone posted a link to my shop on a thread about a discussion of an antique hex sign charm bracelet.

One thing leads to another and here I am designing some new little hexes!

I made a few different bracelet options - 5 charmer, 3 charmer, 1 charm, and single necklaces. They are smaller than my other designs, some tiny hand cutting skills in action here.

For some info on how I cut them, click here.

To see the prices and specifics in my shop listings click here.

These are some little single necklaces, the charms are about the size of a penny.

From left to right we have:

Love and Romance Rosette: Symbol of good luck and success in love.

Tulip Hex: Tulips represent faith and trust in mankind, the outer scallops are for smooth sailing in life.

Daddy Hex: 12 points for joy in each month of the year.

Star Hex: Good luck and smooth sailing.

Raindrop Hex: The more obscure rain hex, for abundance and fertility.

I can mix and match, add more, whatever. It's pretty flexible since they are each made custom made for each order.

If any of you out there are looking for some more handmade dutchie goodness, my friend Mel is having a going out of business sale on her lovely prints

and my friend Sara has some gorgeous hand printed linen tea towels

AND! My fellow Virginvillian, Megan from Typothecary Press has these great modern letterpressed hex posters

So much great design happening in Dutch Country! NIX BESSER!


brandeye said...

Love them! I am still rocking my distlefink necklace and love it.

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