this weekend!

Ack! I just realize I never hit the "publish" button on this post - I'm hopping in the car right now and headed up to Brooklyn for the Renegade Fair this weekend, maybe you can make it??

before I go any further in this post let's take a second to welcome me to 1998. I just learned photoshop. duh, where have I been? It's so fun!

So I have few new things I'll be bringing up to  Brooklyn (June 22/23).   I've been working in bronze a bit lately, just to warm things up and give some options to the ladies more inclined to go toward gold tones.

Here's a little sample ....

Whatever's left will be going up in the shop - I'm going to be temporarily winding down the shop as I get ready for some really big projects coming in December.  More on that later!