or roar or whatever. It's my birthday week (yes, week)! I live in two-Leo household so grrr is more like it actually.

I spent the day lounging on my parents lakeside dock in New Hampshire, eating lobsters and cupcakes, surrounded by many little people, pretty grand.

I had an especially good horoscope on that day from their local paper:

Wow. creepy right on. and I met the other Leo in my house in 2001. so what could THAT mean? amazing business developments? spectacular job offers? a new kitchen? a puppy?

While I'm not that old, I've decided I am officially too old for:
  • thrift store clothes (although if I hire a tailor I might be there more often actually)
  • boxed mac and cheese
  • jealously
  • ruffles (this is debatable)
  • being afraid to call my creditors
  • being afraid to call my debtors
  • cap sleeves
  • watching Valley Girl once a week

what else? I might have to scratch that Valley Girl entry, come on:

scratch that off the list. for sure.

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