I'm going to have my hands full ...

literally and figuratively I suppose! This is very exciting:

When I was craving raspberries last year but bumming at how expensive they were in the store, I went out and bought 6 raspberry bushes instead - 3 black, 3 red. Little did I know I would have almost a billion berries by July. These are the black berries - the red raspberries haven't quite turned yet. now to get them all harvested, eaten, canned, or frozen by the time they turn to mush!

and here's another overplanting example:

not sure what I'm going to do with 24 giant garlic clusters! Roast 'em? add them to canning more likely, and maybe make some pretty wreathes to keep the vampires away!

and here are my favorites! my baby brussel sprouts!

If I'm lucky they'll end up looking like this ...

hmmmm, I see some design inspiration in those funky veggie towers!

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