bye bye every last once of free time ...

so I have a new domain to master:

I was recently offered the gig as Gallery Director at the local college. I'm pretty excited. It was something that I just couldn't pass up "in this economy" (man I hate that phrase!) I'm not sure how I'm going to fit it all in with the other million other projects I'm working on but it somehow does all seem to relate.

I've been reading a lot of biz advice this summer, alot of it on CraftMBA. And wouldn't ya know it one of the guest bloggers from this great site is in our upcoming show, Wendy Edsall-Kerwin:

I haven't even unpacked her work yet but just meeting her the other got me really inspired to kick it up a notch ...

we're going to have an ecclectic mix of work in our space this year - everything from this:


I'm kinda hoping for one of those experiences where all these influences come together and BAM! it all makes sense and you know what to do with your life ya know?


Susan Bivona, Art Teacher said...

Congrats! I think this looks like the KU gallery to me! I met you at the Renegade Fair in Brooklyn and attended KU. This is wonderful news, good luck!

Skylark Studio said...

Hello Susan! I do remember you! please come back and visit KU soon ... I'll give you a tour of the new building!

Wendy Edsall-Kerwin said...

I just found this post, thanks for mentioning my posts and showing my work! I'm going to bookmark your blog now :^)

The Adjacencies show was amazing. Thank you doing such a great job setting it up.