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a few weeks back Sara Smedley and I headed on over to the famous (infamous?) Deitch Eck restaurant in Lenhartsville to get inspired by some artsy Pennsylvania Dutch library books during lunch. We actually opted out of dining there because if the bizarre smell and the fact that all the food seemed, I don't know, damp somehow. Although I've heard the nothing-but-scrapple entree is amazing.

We ended up eating at the country-line-dancing place next door - but in between those two restaurants is some awesome folk graffiti:

I'm not really sure what or why Ascension Day is, but you seamstresses out there BEWARE!

Part of living in and loving Berks County is coming to terms with the fact that it is straight up dutchie around here. There's some bad dutchie, as there probably is in most rural parts honestly: trash burning, monster trucks, not taking care of beautiful old barns, etc.

BUT to balance out all that bad-dutchie, there is good-dutchie: amazing country-side with fabulous back roads, really cool old folks with fun old wisdoms and wife's tales, a slight sense of lawless-ness, and great folk art around every corner.

In the Deitch Eck restaurant there are these fabulous murals (painted in the 30's but based on the folk art of the German immigrants of the 1800's):

This folk art is the inspiration for a new line I've been working on, soon to be released this summer. Sara has already finished up her new gorgeous folk inspired silkscreens:

Aren't they amazing? so dutchie!!
stay tuned for more dutchie craziness and sneeks peeks!


Leigh said...

I love the different way that inspiration can spark... Great post :)

chezkimberly said...

damn! i'll be sure not to do any stitching this may 13th! looking forward to being back in PA dutch country soon...