morphed (again)

I have a small problem with committing to my designs - I'll do one up, love it, photograph it, list it online and then weeks later I'll decide that I need to change it.

It first happened with my little buttercup drops and now it's happening with my Asian knot necklace. I couldn't get enough that little cloud motif so I multiplied them and made them more symmetrical ...

I wanted to make one of those long dangly necklaces that goes almost down to your belly button but I realize that I would have to charge A LOT for that and to be honest I don't think it would be a big seller.

SO. I changed it up a little making a larger pendant type thing at the end point:

Those earring were a bit blingy and glam too - not very realistic unless you go to the Met on a regular basis so I just made the bigger pendant into single danglers ... soon to be photographed and listed of course.

if I commit to them that is ...

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