I've just had enough with the "what is that, a cupcake?" comments - I redesigned my old tulip drops - here's the old version:

ugh, they are just so bad! it's down right embarrassing! what was I thinking?? here's the new version:

more obvious tulip-y right? I'll upload them to my shop after vacation...

again, they are inspired by my love of art nouveau flowers. Like this amazing rug from Mill River Rugs:

that is some seriously beautiful floor covering, dang. I want it. now.
rust and lavender is the NEW color combo for fall '09, you heard it here first!!

I am SO excited to be going to a Louis Comfort Tiffany Show next week in Shelburne, Vermont. Here's a sampling of some Tiffany lamps:

those bases are particularly amazing don't ya think? Here's some classic gorgeous Tiffany peacock designs.

Peacocks are SO classic right?!

This Shelburne Museum place is wild ... it sounds kinda nerdy, very Williamsburg-ish (not Brooklyn, Virginia. obviously!) It has a blacksmithing shop, gardens galore, old saw mills, etc. We're historic site freaks, and the John Adams mini series is feeding this obsession. This round barn alone would satisfy us:

but check out this amazing building on the property!

what is this modern craziness? a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

There is also a building devoted entirely to a miniature circus? what?!

and a restored steam ship on the grounds!

what? why? this is so weird, I'll report more in 10 days. Hope you all are having a good adventurous summer kiddos. see you soon ...


megan said...

Ooooh, jealous. I've wanted to go to the Shelburne Museum for a while now! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

Sara Smedley said...

nice post Karen, have a great time