it's on

Ben: (coming up the basement steps) Hey! Are you ready for all of your wildest dreams to come true?!

Me: Well heck yes I am already!

My lovely man finally got around to hooking up all these random tanks and regulators and buffing wheels, etc etc to make my very own home studio! Until now I've been renting space at a local art center, the Goggleworks, which was totally cool, but really not cool when you have one lone piece that needs soldering and only a bike for transportation and it's 30 miles away.

no more excuses for procastinating!

ok this is really not my bench but it looks surprisingly a lot like my own. It's a studio shot from HOORSENBUHS, a jeweler "to the stars" whatever that means. I'm not a huge fan of their work but I'm monster fan of their space:

They have this great industrial quonset hut studio/shop where all the celebrity types can shop without being heckled by commoners. and while they are customizing their jewelry they can hit a punching bag or play drums or play wii or do whatever those celebrity types do to entertain themselves.

(All these pics were nicked from Gem Gossip's studio visit)

These studio pics are getting me back into my airstream dreams - we have a decent place right now but it's definitely a "starter" home so I don't want to set up a mega perfect studio then have to dismantle it all when we move on. so what's the solution?

trailer studio! somewhat portable - somewhat permanent. My own private girl space where no boys are allowed, I can decorate with my own weird thrift store finds, play whatever records I like - a general space for privacy and progress!

Check out this amazing hotel rooftop at the Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa -- 7 separate airstreams all decorated in different themes:

How did they get those up there?! so ok mine will look nothing like these but I can dream right? I can see my experience turning out more like this:

better get working on those leg muscles ...


KMJewelryStudio said...

Enjoy your new space! I've had mine up and running for a little over a year now, and it feels like my wildest dreams have come true too! I used to drive 45 minutes to get to the studio...I love, LOVE being able to sneak downstairs any time I want. Now, if only I could quit my day job to work full time in my own space...

Skylark Studio said...

ha ha! I hear ya! I am so excited! (but it's still the basement, bah) good luck quitting that day job!

collective studios are a good idea in theory, but I've yet to see one that has long term tenants!