double take

so I posted about the great new book covers last week by Coralie Bickford-Smith - and of course I was seriously checking out the peacock cover:

and I thought for a sec that maybe it was inverted, or backwards or inside out somehow -- isn't that little center circle swirly part upside-down? I quickly had a heart attack thinking that I was making all my peacock necklaces backwards! an "oh snap!" moment for sure but not nearly as bad as this design decision:

I did a quick google search just to be sure!

alas, I was correct! (thank god). Good thing because this last week I made up some new smaller peacock earrings, just to round out "the line" a little bit:

these babies are about 4" long and swingy - until I can find a ear model here's a pic of them in my hand for a little perspective (please ignore my old lady hand, it looks all long and creepy)

I had a light table freak out last week - on a mission to create a dozen new designs for the holiday craft season, but do it without re-inventing the wheel. So my new approach is to take each of my existing designs and make small versions, big versions, earrings, tweeked, altered, etc.

Hopefully this isn't some form of disguised procrastination ... I'm waiting for my new home studio to come together so I am biding some time I guess. I have spent the l0 minutes watching and re-watching this video so procrastination is probably the most correct term actually:

dude best barrels ever dude ...

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