isle of naxos

I got this pretty wonderful and hilarious feedback from a buyer who's a big fan of my nouveau hoops:

"love these! i lost one on the lovely isle of naxos on vacation + like to think of that beautiful earring lolling about on the beach or laying by a remote windmill -- the island + the earring locked in mutual admiration of each others' beauty. anyways, had to buy a new pair immediately on return."

I've never been to a place with an X in it's name. You know this makes me really feel like a hick.  But I do love the idea of someone finding my earring washed up on the shores and thinking it's some ancient treasure! 

I'm sure you all have heard about that treasure that was found in the UK this summer.  For some reason that find filled me with huge happiness, kind of like storybook happiness. At a time when I thought there was nothing left to discover - no new lands, no new tribes, no new animal species, some old guy comes across one of the most important discoveries ever!

kudos to those old men scouring the beaches with metal detectors, the old farmers still searching for indian arrow heads, the Dutchies who still think they're going to find a rare antique for $1 at an auction .... 


theeasysubcult said...

for greek islands you should read Haruki Murakami's Sputnik Sweetheart

Skylark Studio said...

need to raid your library. move to 1st street already.