if I was dressing up for Halloween, which I am NOT

I would totally be:

How cute would that be right? I'm not sure what is going on with this animal-in-people-clothes obsession of mine. Maybe it's some kind of biological clock gone awry? I can't help thinking that my cat is having conversations with other animals in the neighborhood. it's weird.

anyway, you must revisit the work of Beatrix Potter if you haven't lately. it will leave you with warm fuzzies ...

I kinda love Beatrix herself too. She was kind of a bad ass, well, as much of a bad ass an illustrator of bunnies can be. She was determined to become an artist, and despite her priviledged family's wishes, ended up getting engaged to her "lower class" publisher. But she had become financially independent from her illustration work by then so she told them to stuff it - the poor guy died before the wedding. bummer. (check out the Renee Zellwegger/Ewan MacGregor movie, Miss Potter, it's good I promise!)

What is SO awesome about her is that she invested all her money in preserving fell farming (grazing on hills) by purchasing over 4000 acres in the Lake District of England (now part of the national historic trust.) What an awesome thing to do with your earnings...

(that road looks like the sickest biking path doesn't it?! click to enlarge)

So, on the bunny theme ... here's an oldie but a goody from fellow Z-town'er, Spread the Love (you know if I dressed up as a bunny Ben would totally have to be the fox)

and how can we talk about anthropomorphic animals and not talk about etsy superstars Berkley Illustration? here's an interview with them about their superstardom. how is 11,000 sales in one year even possible?!

and how bizarre is this?! Beatrix Potter ballet:

those full on animal helmets are a little extreme don't ya think? dang. i LOVE it!!!


jj said...

I'm trying to read a biography of Beatrix Potter right now! Apparently, though, if it's not fiction, my attention span is about 30 seconds. Still. I agree she's totally awesome.

melanie said...

wow, this was a freakin delight of a blog post, k-rizzle! i'm soooo honored to be a small part –