Stockist update

I love that word "stockist" don't you? it sounds so darn professional and European or something. so much better than "a store that carries my stuff".

So here are some stores that are now carrying my stuff:

Hello Bluebird, West Reading, PA

The lovely Alex has outfitted a new little boutique in Berks County with the best crafted goodies, I'm proud to send locals to this lovely spot!

Art Star, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia

These girls just celebrated their store's 5th anniversary - I can't express how awesome and inspiring that is. They also hold the excellent Art Star Bazaar on Penn's Landing every summer. kudos ladies.

Sabrina Butterfly, Edmonton, Canada

And as we speak a little package is soaring through the sky on it's way to hopefully soon adorn some Canadians. Sabrina opened this adorable store to showcase her clothing line ...

I've got a little crush on Canada, it seems all empty and wholesome. it could fulfill my little house on the prairie fantasies. I love it.

This is me lagging behind on a hike at Banff National Park in Alberta. hello asthma and altitude! but it made for awesome pics right? man I wouldn't do for free health care and mountaintops like that .... ahhhhh.

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