hexerei, braucherei, hexa marrik, gruttafoos, etc

these are all dutchie words for witchy-ness, healing by potions, marks to ward off spells, being a hippie in general ...

The hex sign is a pretty big part of Berks County lore and I've begun to really adore them when I see them ... especially the "real" ones on the old barns around here. One of my favorites is just over the bridge in Virginville:

(thanks for the pics Mary!)

My newest little hexy tulip earrings are loosely based on the dutch tulip, but honestly they were primarily created to complement the dutch tulip necklace:

I'm pretty into that little tulip design ... here's a sample of a funky hex with those funny roadrunner birds and the "trinity tulip".

This triple tulip is supposed to represent faith in yourself, faith in what you do, and faith in your fellow man. pretty good stuff. The distlefink was a goldfinch that ate thistle seeds ... the good luck bird of the early Pennsylvania Dutch settlers. "thistlefinch" was dutchified into "distlefink". go figure.

But by far the best modern interpretation of that little bird and those tulips is on the logo for the Dutchland Roller's derby team the Distelfinks!

and here's a funny cool article in the paper about one of Virginville's many heroes, Ernie Miller - and the witches that dance in his corn field.

I love me a good walpurgisnacht ceremony!

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