99 Luft Balons

Kimberley of ChezSucreChez stitched up these great red balloons for a project called Spoonful.

She's donating the sales of these lovies to sponsor her mother's MS Bike Ride ... kudos all around to crafting, biking, moms ...

(go go Candy!)

I'm loving that "older" people are getting way into bikes, my in-laws did something similar by biking to Atlanta from Lancaster, PA to raise money for AIDS research.

(Harriet and Lin coming into Atlanta)

They ended up at the Names Project Foundation where the all the AIDS quilt panels live. Interesting fact on wikipedia: "Weighing as estimated 54 tons, it is the largest piece of community folk art in the world as of 2009". HOW AWESOME IS THAT??

I have this vision of a huge warehouse of textiles, each one meticulously cataloged and cared for by a lonely librarian/seamstress and a handful of volunteers - oh if I only lived closer to Atlanta, all my mad skills could be used - my librarian skillz, crafty skillz, folding skillz ...

So go do some good in the world and get over to Kimberley's shop and get some red balloons ...

and because I know you need some of Nena's 99 Luft Balons, here's a blast from the past:

But you might need some Falco a little more so here ya go:

that was SO good admit it.


chezkimberly said...

you're awesome. thanks for helping to spread the word, k! and - what a way to end the post. i love your blog for the education and entertainment that you provide... it's always a treat.

thea said...

YAY!!! we have a site now and Spoonful is in 3 dimensions finally!

So you can go to www.spoonfulzine to see the lovely balloons - and other yummy happy things...