back in action - kinda

you ever have one of those vacations that leaves you feeling listless, like you want to completely change everything but you don't know where to start? well I had that. I won't get into the details, but just know I'm dealing with a little vacay post-partum here.

so, the summary, in pictures, since my brain is still mush:

bike trail along lake champlain. pretty much amazing:

hipsters playing bike polo in burlington:

shelburne museum was everything I expected and waaaaaaaay more:

(Louis Comfort Tiffany exhibit)

(antique motorcycle exhibit)

(Richard Saja exhibit, very very excellent)

(the pioneer house, my favorite, it even smelled like Little House on the Prairie)

(the antique quilts were so gorgeous, I can't imagine spending 20 years on a quilt, whoah)

then from there we went to the mad river pools (which were freeezing btw)

good eats at the original barn where american flatbread got its start (thanks for the tip sara!)

kayaking at Crystal Lake

the solar thing was a serendipitous theme, ben was reading about doing this

and I randomly picked up a book about doing this (thanks for the pretty flickr photo sprizee)

and then on a bike ride we met a woman who was turning this house into a fully LEED certified residence, complete with solar store on the first floor.

hmmmmm, time to get off the computer, shut off the a/c and go for dip in the creek. back to jewelry stuff tomorrow!


Sara Smedley said...

Wow, you sure do get a lot of your vacations!! So hungry for great pizza now...

Clothesline said...

looks good -do you dream of leaving us again? i worry... looks like you had a nice time.

chez-sucre-chez said...

welcome back!! my only question is: what's the story on that tortoise standing looking at the soon-to-be-solar house?

Karen said...

I have no idea where that turtle came from, it just says "trail" with an arrow. turtle trail??