oh the cuteness

I'm not good at doing super cute things but I somehow pulled out the stickin' cuteness with this project. I made it for my friend Kimberley (from Chez Sucre Chez). I found the little frame at the infamous Cave, apparently it's a coin holder, but it had been in a dusty case for probably 20 years so I'm not sure where to find them these days ...

(thanks for the photo kj!)

I didn't do that cross stitch heart (are you crazy? me? needlepoint?!) I had it hanging around the house for years. Here's another one I made stretching a cool fabric swatch. I thought maybe a necklace, a key chain, a zipper pull ... the options are endless! go nuts kimberely!

It's almost as cute as this little guy.

almost. not quite.

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chezkimberly said...

that dog, in its hat, is awesome. thanks for posting the coin frame tips on my blog! xo-kj