Current obsession - 18th Century Dutch interiors!

it will be the new big design resurgence I promise ... I guess it never really went out of style actually. it's a classic stylin' which has stood the test of time, these always amaze me. How do some things stay so beautiful forever and some things are so "out" in just a few years?

granted it could use few modern tweaks here and there but come on, the red is always classic:

anyway, it all came back to me thanks to HBO, I swear I learn everything about history through TV, it's pathetic. my dyslexia and a.d.h.d made me a really horrible student, trust. A few posts ago I mused about Paul Revere and not knowing about him because there weren't any good movies that fully explained the American Revolution. Enter the John Adams miniseries I just discovered from last year ... and it's amazing set designers:

I'm especially loving the use of the rug as a table cloth, so odd, but awesome:

oh those flowers! I love the whole symbolism thing that was going on with fruit and flowers during this time period ... certain fruits representing specific religious characters ... somehow the lobster represented Christ's resurrection. huh?

(Abraham van Beyeren, Still Life with Lobster,1690)

then things got really good - all about wealth, indulgence, corruption:

(Jan Davidsz de Heem, Festoon of Flowers, 1660)

and the close up:

oh yeah. all buggy, sticky and nasty. reminds me of my garden right now. ugh.

let's bring all those festooning flowers back to modern times with this guy/company I'm OBSESSED with right now, Masterpiece Silhouette Theater:

ah, man they're all so good! just a few more:

(gotta end the post on a bike theme!) check out his store here.

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