so the life of a jeweler sound fancy right? all diamonds and gold?  really it's dirty and gross and sometimes smelly (cleaning products).  Here's a glam shot of my hand after a few hours of cutting ... I'm not sure if you can tell by the pic but it's pretty sparkly, covered with a layer of fine silver dust. 

I always think of that scene in Frida when Salma Hayek has gold leaf dust all over her bloody self after the bus accident:

sorry for the graphic pic, it's fake people, focus on the gold not the blood. But what a great movie ... here's another glitter rain scene from Velvet Goldmine, this time on shirtless Ewan MacGregor:

nice. and let's not forget a scene with Jonathon Rhys Meyers, he always brings the drama (have you seen the Tudors? holy drama!)

and lastly, while we're talking glitter and glam, here's a trailer for a movie that I'm so excited for I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I watch it! Here's a little secret about myself that I'll only reveal to my bloggy friends, I'm OBSESSED with Johnny Weir.

This kid grew up in Quarryville, PA, my husband's hometown. Now this is serious hick country - atv's, rebel flags, camaros, rodeos, rifles on the gun rack in the Ford pickup in the high school parking lot hick-ness. I'm talking serious "country".

Any kid who has the confidence to wear glitter face paint and skate to Lady Gaga after growing up in that town, DAMN do you ever deserve your own movie! and he learned to skate in a corn field - come on!

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