good ole Woodrow...

this was first taped to the inside of my tool box, then it moved to my "inspiration board" above my workbench. As I sketched away thinking more and more how I could "increase my profit margin" I often glanced up, read the quote, and then promptly felt like shit.

Megan Auman got me thinking about this with a post she did yesterday, she makes all sorts of awesome stuff (and she's from PA!) here's a sampling:

She's also way into bikes and was on ride when she started contemplating about how to add more value to the world. I think about this a lot - when I was younger I really wanted to be a nun (SO weird I know! mostly because I was obsessed with the Sound of Music) then I really wanted to go into the Peace Corp, now I'm obsessed with the foster care system. I'm not sure what this is all about but I know I don't think I have the "stuff" to be either a nun, a hard core volunteer or a foster mom, but I do feel like I should be doing something! (I blame my father and his obsession with the Rotary Club for this).

My parents spent their honeymoon in the peace corps - converting atomic fall out shelters on the Bikini Atoll into community centers for 2 years. My dad was SO into it! my mom? not so much.

I'm reserved to say that for now, I'm making my own little impact on the world by not driving, making affordable pretty things for guys to give to their ladies for their birthday, giving away veggies from my garden, etc.

(Ben's well composed veggie still life from '06)

While it's not a huge obvious "statement" I really feel like if we could all stay at home with our kids, have a bizness that employs 1 or 2 eager apprentices with an awesome fun job, contribute some profits to charities, grow our own food, and invest in our communities we could make a HUGE impact. can you imagine no commuting? the invention of the car really screwed things up.

wait, so basically I want to be a mennonite. but with internet access. and pretty shoes.


KMJewelryStudio said...

Ha! Yes, me too. Mennonite with internet access!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Love this post! I get what you are saying totally :-)

I did a post on my old blog entitled Bohemian Mennonite style .... all the simplicity of life plus the comfy free flowing bohemian feel without all the drugs and "free-spirited" living! LOL

megan said...

thanks for the mention!

and your mennonite comment totally made my day!