what happened to Bubbles?

so I'm sure there are 6 gabillion posts about Michael Jackson today so I'm going to forgo one of those ... but I did want to ask about Bubbles. Where's he at?!

He's ok! He lives at the Center for the Great Apes in Florida, you can sponsor him! I like in his summary they say "Bubbles toured Japan in a promotional tour for his owner." no other mention of his previous owner ... I guess he got a little unruly, he's big boy. dang.

while we're talking apes, I came across these gorgeous cut outs from Julene Harrison in London. Amazing.

awwww. baby monkies. I want one.

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Lori said...

OMG!!!! That Julene *bookmarked* Harrison is AWEsome! what a fantastic heads-UP, thankyouSOmuch. ♡

(the picture of her knife w/the safety wrap down low on the blade just made my life so much easier! funny how the most *blush* practical things sometimes don't even occur to you til they're right in front of your face.)