pre-show show

so I'm ready. I think. I wasn't really realizing how much work 3 consecutive weekend craft shows was going to be, but alas I committed to it and I now have to deal with it!

So here's everything finally splayed in one place on my coffee table (the largest table I own) - it ended up looking like a trippy mandala, pretty cool:

Crafted up some mini buckhorns, baby birds and bees, and tiny blossom necklaces just for the show (sorry for that reflection, bad photo)

also made up what felt like a gabillion stickers for my packaging tins, here's the bottom of the box:

then I popped in a leonardo dicaprio movie marathon (gangs of new york & the aviator) and 3 hours later everything was packaged up:

and of course because I've got librarian tendencies I had to go and catalog them didn't I? in an old lantern slide box naturally:

and being a obsesser of efficiency in design (must be all that backpacking) I managed to get everything safely packed in this little pile, a small folding table is hiding in the back of the stack, awaiting transport on a dolly across the dirty streets of Philly. there's a sneek peek at the little hanging sign for the booth, being shared with Sara:

and bingo bango just like that I'm all set. Hope to see at Art Star! Next week, Renegade!

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