finally getting inspired again

I had started this little series of weekly inspiration lists, but then it rained for 10 days straight and my seasonal agoraphobic disorder kicked in ... don't ever let your ipod develop a crush on Nick Drake during the rainy season. you'll have a hard time getting out of funk city.

(this applies to Leonard Cohen and Ben Harper too ... just an FYI.)

If by some crazy chance this happens, blast the Gorillaz real fast and real loud!! But now the sun is officially back so I'm feeling better...Pardon this bad scan, it's from a very well loved copy of Storage Solutions

(isn't this an amazing kitchen?! holy rustic with rad accents. and come on, a framed Gorillaz album cover? can you get any cooler? and I have official oven envy!)

here's something to inspire the little budding architect in your lives:

the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture series Legos!!  if you've never been to Falling Water I'd suggest a trip right away ... it's crazy good. 

and last but not least, I'm officially inspired by the Unimog!

I had the wacky pleasure of riding in one of these beasts last night to get ice cream in the middle of nowhere Schulykill County. don't ask me how this happened, I'm still not quite sure.

it felt very eastern european somehow, like I should have been riding through rural Bulgaria forging through some raging river rescuing stranded motorcyclists (you should netflix Long Way Around with Ewan MacGregor if you haven't already!!!!!!)

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