I don't think I'm inspired

I must admit I have a serious magazine obsession, any magazine really. I love to look at the trashy trends and sometimes even get some jewelry inspirations. but this one leaves me miffed. What in the sam hell is going on with our favorite alien princess Rihanna? 

at first I thought they were REALLY fancy headphones. then on further inspection my reaction went from "huh?" to "ouch!". I can't even imagine what that would feel like if it got caught an anything! dang! how can she do any kind of business in that get up?  

This made me think of those awful goth inspired jewelry creations that you used to be able to find at the mall - like at Spencer's or something. Remember these beauties?

they were always fairy or pagan themed, what's up with that?! SO fug.

Somehow they got the message mixed when trying to steal the idea from this gorgeousness:

amazing what gets lost in translation ...

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