going international

These dramatic beauties were a custom order from France. very exciting!  I'm officially internationally represented!  My last 4 orders have been from Australia, Sweden, UK, and France, respectively.  That's weird - maybe no big bad recession over there? 

I'm hoping she'll take a pic of herself in front of something very French like this:

or this:

or this!

these pics are from Pia Jane Bijkerk's new book Paris: Made by Hand. (via the amazing sfgirlbybay)

On to my Australia buyer, she was the sister of a friend and she literally bought the earrings out of my ears. AND she's a crafter herself (as well as an "featured" extra in the new bad Nicholas Cage movie!)

She was featured in this great book on up-and-coming Melbourne designers, Handmade Melbourne.

Her hats totally remind me of these guys:

and these awesome rugs.

I love that a lehigh valley girl is making Incan and Persian inspired crafts in Australia and I'm blogging about it in Virginville. small world!


theeasysubcult said...

awesome! actually she's from philly via bethlehem, pa. of course.
it is good to go international jetset!

melanie linder said...

what a complete plethora of awesomeness!