ebay vacay

thankfully my husband's most recent large ebay purchase was from Long Island, usually we have to travel to some really horrid place like Ohio or Delaware. booooring.

so we got to go on a wee little quick trip to the Oyster Bay Yacht Club to pick up some old woodworking machines they were selling. Not too shabby ey?

and yes, this is the SAME Oyster Bay that Brad and Angelina graced with their holy presence last Tuesday, only ONE day before us. We actually ate in the same diner. OMG! maybe we used the same fork?! here they are at the Stop and Shop, I love this total stalker's pic.

Oyster Bay is actually a super cool place, it's probably loaded with money but not too flashy, I'm sure words like discerning and discretion are used regularly when referring to financial matters.

But the best part of this town is that Theodore Roosevelt is from there! exciting right? He's by far one of my favorite historical figures. Here's his estate:

and here's his big head in the town park, very Simpsons-esq don't you think?

If you don't know anything about Theodore Roosevelt, here are the highlights:

  • he's the one who said, "speak softly and carry a big stick" (even though he was super loud and was always carrying a gun)

  • and there is an amazingly over acted documentary about his Rough Riders starring Mr. Big from Sex in the City and a drunk Gary Busey. I swear he's wasted through the whole movie. it's awesome. 

enough of the history lesson ... good for party talk at least!

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chez-sucre-chez said...

can you make skylark studio history lessons a regular feature on the blog? i quite love this.