weekly summary

here's a little ritual I'm going to start: weekly inspirational summaries. I find that I kind of live in my own little world - it has it's own soundtrack, imaginary friends, fictional landscapes, etc.

I often get obsessed with one book, one album, one movie - I quite literally watch/listen to/look at them over and over until I can't stand it anymore. I have an obsessive personality like that ... so here's my obsessions for this week:


Pink Floyd, Animals.


Hendrick Kerstens


Twilight (only for the vampire's amazing house I swear)


Museums and Women, shorts by John Updike


I'm ashamed (but you know you love it)


Abel Xavier's hair.

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theeasysubcult said...

re: floyd/animals.
only a real obsessive would care so,
check out burton dodge. we work with him all the time. he painted their blimp and those pigs. he's awesome.
he's the coolest oldhead surfer you'd wanna meet.

hey i'm also digging that updike cover and the re-wilding photos.