Big Ole Hoops

I love me some big hoop earrings. Here's what I have going on in my etsy shop right now:

(Thanks again to Mel for posing!)

These are inspired by all sorts of things. First, I'm really into art nouveau patterns, especially this wall decal from Paristic:

Yeah. that's a sticker. crazy.

I've also been obsessed with circles and comma shapes since seeing this photo (this is Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire July 20 2003):

ok. let's talk about these crop circles for a sec. Now I know they are a big hoax or something, but I just don't get it. So you're telling me that hundreds of geometry whiz kids ran out into a field with no lights, no machines, and in ONE night made this amazing intricate fractal lookin' thing without anyone noticing? Now I'm not saying it's the mothership per se, I'm just saying it's crazy. Because I know I can barely draw that thing on paper, nonetheless stamp it out perfectly in a corn field. and I've hiked through a corn field, that is one unruly crop. Here's what happens when regular people try to fake an alien touch down:

See? completely wonk. I'm just saying...

(well, maybe these were Dutchies - it does look kinda like a hex sign, that would explain it)

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