the bird is the word ...

So I know the sailor jerry swallow is all over the place and frankly I bet you're sick of it, right? Well I made one anyway. Here's Jen of Clothesline Design looking particularly fancy:

I was thinking more about birds like this one in this great old Golden Nature Guide from 1949:

I love the styling in these old books - the fonts, the colors, the maps. So classic. I was also thinking about one of favorite things in the world, my old chinese bicycle(found in an old barn). I ride it regularly to the Virginville post office. It's called the Flying Pigeon, doesn't conjure up the most graceful of images but it's got an excellent logo.

In the lower right we have a lovely watercolor wedding card we received from Beth and Eric of EasySubCult fame. Thanks for the biceps Beth! I love this card!

and let's not forget the boys - I made this for my guy for the times when we are feeling all matchy matchy:

oh wait, one more pic of drool worthy wallpaper from Hygge & West Shop

yep. drool.

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