Here are some final shots of a lovely custom order I made for a great customer I met at the PA Guild Show in Rittenhouse Square this spring. 

I've really excited to see this all finished up and ready to go.

I was especially excited to give my usual 2D pieces some curved features, I love how my customers can give me little insights into directions I always wanted to go but never did for some reason.

I also made up these cool little bags since these pieces didn't fit into the fun tins I usually use. Kudos to all of you stitchers out there, these bags nearly made my dyslexic brain explode.  The fabric had a cool swirly wave thing going on.

Here's some shots of the monster cloud cuff - can you guess how many hours it took to hand cut this gorgeous thing? I'm not telling ...

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chezkimberly said...

great work! These look amazing! (and i love the little bags you sewed up. hooray!)