summer come fast

I'm getting anxious for summer already, and the James Turrell exhibit opens at the Guggenheim in June so that is making me want that warm weather even more.

 If you don't know his work, he specializes in giant light and space installations influenced by his Quaker faith.

at Gagosian gallery

This is what the Guggenheim is going to look like.  Which is insane if you realize that these circles are oblong and the circular ramp in that space is perfectly round.  My brain is having trouble here ....

Guggenheim digital rendering

and here he is, looking all super cool in front of his Roden Crater. Yep, he bought that crater and is making a giant celestial phenomena observatory. (what?!)  Good luck getting in, it may/may not be for rich people only.

mind = blown. I love it when that happens.

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