new work!

I haven't posted new work on here in a while, I've been expanding a few of my designs -  so here's a little riff on my classic scales motif.

I'm still not sure what to call them, little scales? little scallops?  I'm really into the repetition of smaller works now. I love that they look a bit lacey.

I've been wanting to mess around with that quatrafoil pattern for awhile, it's nothing new but I love it when anything goth goes mainstream.

It's a staple in Gothic Architecture ...

Bury Parish Church

College Hall, University of Pennsylvania

but it's also really prominent in Morrocan tiles. I LOVE IT when cultures and patterns cross over.

Granada Tile

Here are some more great pics from the Bury Parish Church which has a slight Moorish feel to it due  to the incredible tiled floors.

On a super side note - check out that candle holder. It reminds me so much of those swinging incense burners they lit up on Vespers.  I actually did think of foiled swinging incense burners when I designed the earrings.

I grew up going to a pretty serious Catholic church and I loved that dang incense burning ceremony even though I had no idea what was going on.  It nearly sent me into asthmatic fits but holy heck do the Catholics know how to create a vibe ...

and my blog wouldn't be my blog if I didn't go into some super crazy historical tangent ...

Let me introduce you to the world's largest incense burner: the swinging Botafumeiro!

This incense burner is in the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Spain.  Imagine a 5 ft tall gorgeous brass and silver burner weighing over 180 pound swinging over your head at 40 mph! AWESOME!

and of course here's a video of it.  it's C-R-A-Z-Y.  Watch it just to see the poor monk who has to tackle the thing and goes spinning around to make it stop. SO FUN.

It has had some accidents, it went flying through a window when Catharine of Aragorn passed through on her way to infamously marry Henry VIII in 1499 (love her!)  She also apparently has a thing for little monkeys (love her more!)

well, there's your random fact for the day, if you win a million bucks on a quiz show you owe me.

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