taschen love

Have I publicly expressed my love for Taschen publishing?  Well I'm going to do it now. I love them. I love them so much I avoid their store because it would hurt my heart to have to leave it.  They are too much for my sensitive little body to handle in big doses, I can barely make it through their catalogs without getting weepy.

Last year I picked up the World of Ornament and it never ceases to inspire. It's the kind of book that can only be looked at a few pages at a time, my brain starts freaking out and immediately demands a nap to process the images.

It looks insane right? Baby angels and overflowing scroll work ... here are a few of my favorite plates:

As you can see, these historical patterns are constantly informing my silver designs.  I've yet to see a Taschen book on Pennsylvania Dutch patterns (Hey Taschen! If you need a dutchie art enthusiast / design librarian for help on this you know where to find me.)

Here are some other crazy awesome titles I'd love to peruse ...

Crazy awesome right? these pretty much cover a few of my major loves - circus freaks, japanese architecture, apes, the illuminati, vintage food stuffs, and 80's movies.   schizophrenic much?

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