look what I found!

LOOK! I called it - apes made a showing during my Baltimore trip!

ok so these guys weren't at the ACC show, but they were at the Walter's Art Museum. which is an excellent free museum if you ever get a chance to visit.

The ACC show is always hard to sum up. I'd say about 1/2 of the stuff was awesome. the other half leaves me searching for an appropriate adjective. But a nice showing by Peg and Awl, Rebound Designs by Caitlyn Phillips, Beth Pohlman, and Silverball by Maxwell Furniture.

all in all these shows are pretty interesting, it's such a different vibe than I'm used to. Some of the outdoor summer shows have such a great fun energy - they can be SO fun and wild. Convention center shows are ALL business ... which is good for sure!

There are some incredibly talented people all over this country - quilter Ann Brauer summed up some things nicely on her blog:

One feeling is that we need to have that connection with the maker in today's world. How true that is when we can just go down to the local mall and buy whatever we want made in China or maybe Singapore--does that even matter.

But I think there is an even more important reason we need fine craft and that is that we need something to aspire to. By being well made it reminds us of what we as a people are capable of making. We need to marvel at the creative process and the creator and feel humbled by them.


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Ann Brauer said...

Thanks so much for the quote. It was a good show wasn't it?