two thumbs up

so I think I'm developing carpal tunnel from hand cutting this silver ... my thumb meat feels like this:

I feel like my thumb is this huge throbbing appendage. Much like Sissy must have felt in Even Cowgirls get the Blues. 

What?   you haven't seen this movie?  It's one of Uma's firsts, based on the great Tom Robbins novel. Sissy was born with giant thumbs, so naturally she was drawn to hitch hiking - taking her back and forth across the country to have adventures with the likes of a dickie-wearing Crispin Glover and Keanu Reeves as a Mohawk indian, and let's not forget the peyote induced antics at the lesbian dude ranch . This movie has one of the best lines ever:

 Dear lady, please remember the words of the painter Paul Gauguin 
who said "The ugly may be beautiful ... but the pretty, never."

Anyway a few people have suggested that I get one of these things:

um,  NO!  What am I, a bowler? Although I work in the privacy of my own dark basement I'm not sure I can actually sport that thing.   Although the image of Jesus Quintana does come to mind, and it's all of sudden a lot cooler:

Again, all of my life's moments can be linked to movies. yikes.

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