monochrome anyone?

I'm loving the collages seen on Poppytalk last week from Anthony Zinonos ...

I feel like I want to go make one of these right now! I'm digging the white space too - not too filled up ... gets me thinking about color and the effect it can have. pretty powerful.

and I just came across this flickr pool of people who organize their books by color:

I'm loving this so much! but my librarian background is nagging at me - so beautiful! but so ridiculous! so calming! but so illogical! ah I'm torn!

let's go off on a different tangent for a sec - this reminds me immediately of the Australian Bower Bird - he's like, my favorite bird. (what? you don't have a favorite bird?)

See this here little bird is a obsessed with collecting things. not just cool things to impress the ladies, but cool things of all the same color. what a freak!

He's builds these great little huts and then decorates them all monocromatically in hopes of attracting a special lady friend --

He's just the sweetest don't ya think? and then the lady birds all go on a little house tour and choose their guy based on his house and collection (how shallow).

(I would totally live there ... )

see? art - decor - nature - mating. it's ALL related.


chezkimberly said...

whaaaat?! this monochromatic-collector bird is blowing my mind! oh k, your blog is so my favourite.

Anonymous said...

It's great!!.............................................