that pink floyd wizard of oz thing

Did you ever hear that urban legend that if you play Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon in sync with The Wizard of Oz it links up and makes sense together? well I've never tried it but I do believe it could be true.

I had a similar experience the other day when I watched the wacked out movie Badlands (holy smokes watch this trailer) then immediately proceeded to go down to my jewelry bench to work and put on Panda Bear's album Person Pitch - in my head I pretty much flashed back through the whole movie scene by scene song by song. it was awesome.  

Badlands has some legendary style in it - Martin Sheen in James Dean denim suit mode ...

and Sissy Spacek doing that beautiful alien thing she does so well, sporting lovely ruffly smocks and farm dresses ... 

They go on this murdering spree and end up setting fire to her home, but saving her Maxfield Parrish print! the one I have! I even blogged about it months ago!! creepy!!!  they even end up taking the print to this treehouse they built ... (see the print up there in the background?)

The whole thing is pretty gorgeous and weird, just like the Person Pitch album. 

so while you're zoning out watching this, think of fast cars racing through the desert, denim jean jackets, setting things on fire, tree forts, and ruffly dresses.

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