torches are hot

in more ways than one ... (he he). in college if you really wanted to impress a guy you would casually tell him to swing by the metal studio during open hours ... and you would conveniently be doing something really tough like raising a bowl or soldering with a super hot torch. while wearing a leather apron. if he wasn't impressed, he wasn't worth it.

case and point with Cal Lane. I came across her work through a Stumble Upon email (what is this random search thing anyway?) The title of the guy's post was "The Hottest Smith in the World." I was intrigued.

She is indeed every steampunker's dream girl. Torching beautiful designs out of discarded hunks of junk, and looking totally tough, cute, and personable while doing it.

As I contemplate just exactly how delicate I can get with my designs I look at these and these and think "oh yeah, I can go thinner ..."

I love the lacey effect ...

and the "dirt rug" stencils she makes are totally gorgeous too ...

I wish the ghetto burn barrels in my neighbor's yard could be made into something this pretty!

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