a little late I know ...but happy new years just the same!

howdy kids ... just getting around to a little belated new years wishes. hope you had a great decade!

so we woke up to an icy New Years morning, made some waffles, and popped in Beautiful Losers. pretty nice inspiring documentary. although sadly nostalgic. made me want to get the 90's back so I could have a do-over. I wish I had found a tribe like this earlier in life, I think things would have been much easier for me.

The above "graffiti" was done by one of the artists featured in the movie, Steve Powers, aka ESPO - it's a current series of 50 lovey dovey murals on the Market-Frankfurt line in Philadephia. just finished up the last one 2 weeks ago.

They make me feel good. happy. lucky. And optimistic about things to come ... you too?

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