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In my imaginary alternate universe fantasyland, me, Brett Anderson and Juliette Lewis would be super best friends. We'd drive around in Juliette's Ford Eagle blasting The Cult while shopping for leather vests at grungy thrift stores.

then we'd drop off Brett at the back door of the Joan Jett concert she'd be like: "hey K you can totally borrow this necklace tonight if you want" and I'd be like "oh no I couldn't" and Juliet would be like "omg you have to. you can totally rock the cliche spiderman irony. I'd wear it myself but I'm still rocking my controversial spandex feather native american headbands. it wouldn't really go, ya know?"

and I'd be like "oh awesome, you rock Brett. Joan Jett's got nothing on Donna A!" and then Juliet would peel out and we'd go off to some crazy beachside bonfire party with Jonathon Richmond and we'd run into Drew Barrymore who would commission me to make big chunky necklaces inspired by tibetan wind chimes ...

oh jeez, I'm sorry. are you still there? I spent alot of time alone as a kid, I have a big imagination. See what happens when I get inspired by something as bizarre as a spiderweb necklace?

So I've decided that I've become pretty obsessed with using hella chunkier chains. hence, my tibetan wind chime inspired necklace/earring set:

and here are some actual tibetan/chinese windchimes ...

when we lived with Mennonites we hung this in the tree and they were totally freaked out by it. We found it stored in the garden shed a few weeks later ... pretty funny. We originally found it in the attic of the old farmhouse. CREEPY.

This set is actually an amped up version of the asian cloud - it's like my asian cloud and scalloped earrings got together and had really big babies.

I'm thinking of adding some turquoise and maybe some red coral dangly beads. giving it some tribal bling. might be a bad idea, not sure yet -

So Drew, what do you think? you could totally rock the tribal bling.

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