llamas in the living room

what are the chances of llamas becoming a theme in your life?

This painting arrived in our living room last week - as well as being a jeweler, a librarian, a bicycling geek - my hub and I also frame art on the side. I'm really liking this one - it's huge and gives off such great fresh fantasy vibes. It's by Cheryl Hochberg, a prof at Kutztown University.

and oddly enough I went sheep shearing last night ... my friend is an honest to goodness shepherdess. She sells the wool on etsy, it's SO beautiful.

and here's the stoic llama who watched over his little dudes as they got flipped over and buzz cut:

 here are the velvety clean ones taunting the dready ones that won't get sheared until the spring.

the smell was equal parts wonderful and gross. all around good times!  

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