weekly round up

here's another list of weekly inspirations. You'll notice that these weekly lists don't have much to do with design or jewelry - I'm making a conscious effort to take a hiatus from the design world 1) because the competition can be intimidating and 2) because I find it hard to come up with a truly unique idea/design that hasn't been subconsciously nicked from someone/thing else that's already out there.

So here's what I was up to instead:


Deluxe Noise internet radio.

I know this station is programmed by a friend of mine, but not sure which friend - Shawn or Dave? the BEST combo of morphine, the kinks, leonard cohen, the cars, fugazi, frog holler, zeppelin, the B52's, digital planets, the doors, etc. I couldn't ask for a better mix - tune in everybody!

Style Icon:

I'm loving this 8 year old, his style is out of control. He's the son of the creator of Mad Men so of course he's cool. and his name is Arlo so jeeez, he was born a hipster.

"My mom got the jacket for me—I love it because I love Frank Sinatra and this is like something he would wear. I wore the jacket with the pants because I like the different plaids together. I thought the blue in the necklace brought out the blue in the pants. It’s a blue orb with fire around it."


Didn't have time this week for my movie fix, but I did manage an episode of LHOTP. In this one Charles and Carolyn take in a Fresh Air kid and change his life by making him sleep in hay and teaching him to swim. Features Pa swimming in his union suit. bonus.


Grammar Vandal

I really love bad grammar. I'm a big offender myself but it makes my day when I see something like this:

I'm so easily amused I know.


And because I can't enough of dance sequences, here's the only good scene from RockNRolla:

finally found some moves I can imitate - the spazzy jitterbug!

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