it's saturday already?

Yes folks, it's time again for my weekly inspirational round up!  I hope you all have had a fun and productive week ... Here's what I've been listening to/watching/reading/obsessing over:


George Winston, Night Divides the Day

Look at that cover! lighting bolts! horses! drama! 

It's equal parts Charlie Brown Christmas (you know that song I'm talking about, those kids have serious dance moves):

and equal parts this greatness:

amazing I know. JM kinda looks like my husband pre-haircut minus the leather pants. freaky. 


while we're on the piano kick you all must see this movie if you haven't a hundred times already. It's the only reason I tolerate James Taylor.  

best cast ever: River Phoenix, Martha Plimpton, Judd Hirsch and Christine Lahti (Laura Dern's mom in The Fabulous Stains!) It's a crier, watch out!  but it's got beautiful River playing classical piano, radical war protesting, and sneaking-out-at-night make-out scenes. basically a must see.  


Zen and the Martial Arts by Joe Hyams

don't ask. and no I'm not taking up martial arts. but I would like to live with "maximum zest".


anyone who can make Home Depot shop lights look so darn gorgeous is A-ok in my book.

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