do you twitter?

to be honest I'm feeling really old trying to keep up with all this new technology ... twitter, facebook, blogging ... I was all on board with myspace then I heard it was so old school to be on that. jeeeez! but I am loving all of twitter's little birdie motifs:

Well anyway, I've decided to be the official twitterer or tweeter or person who types stuff for our local craft collective. Here's our address - is that even what's it's called?


I'm not quite sure what to talk about but I'm sure I'll come up with some fodder between the 5 of us! Check it out for new item listings, craft show dates, sales, etc.

and check out this guy - he twitters from his mind! it was originally developed as a possibility for people with disabilities - how cool is that!?

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Sara Smedley said...

You dove in, huh? you're going to have to teach me, I am totally clueless and more than a little resistant. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Brave girl!