inspirations from the office

Many of you might know (or might not) that I'm also a part time librarian. image librarian to be exact. in the old days it was called slide librarian, but with this whole digital camera invention things have changed up a bit. I pretty much spend my time scanning images all day, usually they are of the Flemish variety but recently, thanks to an excellent new contemporary art historian, I get to look at pics of slightly more interesting stuff. Here's a great pic of a birthday card for Ringo by John Lennon.

oooooh. cherry blossoms.  Speaking of Ringo, I heard he was playing next month at a benefit for the David Lynch Foundation. Did you all know about this?  Apparently David Lynch has founded this pretty amazing organization that promotes transcendental meditation for kids. jeeez, who knew?

Well that explains Inland Empire. and backwards talking midgets.  But in all seriousness, this is a really great foundation that offers meditating scholarships for kids. maybe it can counteract all that Ritalin?

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