Flower Power (part 3 of 5)

These are a little intense I know. I was so into the dangly zinnia earrings that I just had to do something else in that style.

They were originally inspired by sunflowers - who doesn't love sunflowers? especially when sassy nieces are posing in them?

but then I started thinking about wedding henna patterns and the tips got pointy, like this:

Do I ever love Indian weddings - the colors, the patterns, the riding on elephants. I can't get enough. oh and the piles of jewelry! Here's a gorgeous wedding photo by Karen Wise:

ok, so I've never really been to an Indian wedding. but I've seen them in movies! and boy am I sucker for a colorful choreographed group dance scenes! check out this clip and try to pretend you are somewhere warm and festive!

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