pretty little packages

I had a great holiday selling season, and I was really excited Christmas morning thinking about all the lovely ladies opening their Skylark goodies.

I don't think I've ever really mentioned my fun packaging, it's probably one of my favorite things.  These little tins are great for shipping but are also awesome for storage and traveling.

I'll have to get creative when I start making bigger pieces, I'd like to keep the same aesthetic going, we'll see.  I plan on keeping the vintage japanese birds going, despite the whole "put a bird on it" phenomenon, I still dig certain birds.

I'm one of those dopes that picks wine based on the label.  I'm a real sucker for pretty packaging, there's nothing that can psyche you up more for a product than a stellar first impression.

Here are some great examples out there in the world:

The Ace Hotel does everything right, including their gift wrap ...

A nice clean approach for Egg Unlimited Bakery designed by Studio Brave ...

While not exactly packaging, this Jeopardy Magazine cover is incredible, I don't care what's written in it, I'd buy it.   I'm loving that brassy gold and dark mushroom grey combo.   As the designer has said, they were looking to create something with "maximum shelf appeal".  Achieved.

and no conversation about packaging would be complete without mentioning those iconic yellow containers from Bellocq Tea Atelier, collector's items for sure.

Got any other great packaging examples?  I love thinking about all this stuff almost as much as I like making the product that goes in it!

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