page 645 out of 789

So right now I'm on page 645 of The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. it's probably a cliche to say, but this book is changing my life. It's the exact book I needed for this exact time in my life.  It's the longest book I've ever read but man, is it awesome. I think everyone needs to read this.  Kinda mind blowing that it was written by a woman in 1943.

It's one of those empowering books about integrity and innovation and selfishness, really.  basically a book about getting in your bubble and doing what you want to do no matter what the cost.  and it doesn't hurt that it's a phrased within a giant architectural metaphor.  My love of architecture is extreme.  To create a structure that will stand for decades and subconsciously physically affect thousands of people is serious business.

I saw these pics on Miss Moss and I can't help but think it could be something like Howard Roark would build, the main character in The Fountainhead.

 dreamy, right?  (it's on the Isle of Capri, built in 1937).

I also just watched the documentary about Julius Shulman, the man who photographed all those amazing modernist homes that popped up in the 1950's in California. He helped bring the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra and Charles and Ray Eames and all those amazing mid century designers to the forefront of design.  (and how about this, Howard Roark was based on Frank Lloyd Wright).

I'm always obsessed with people's living areas and work spaces, I don't think people realize how much of an influence it has on your psyche.  Shulman really captures the spirit of these places.

Let's hang out here shall we? I'll wear my best vintage cocktail dress.

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