aloha sion

So, I'm not going to fake it and say that I'm into surfing or even know anything about it (unless watching Blue Crush a hundred times counts) But this weekend I heard that big wave rider Sion Milosky drowned.

This guy was known for paddling into "the biggest wave ever". He was pretty intense. He had a beautiful family too. His death sparked a lot of commentary along the lines of "I would never surf if I had kids ... I don't even ride a motorcycle because of my family". Those comments really bummed me out. Made me really think about life and the pursuit of happiness ...

But really, sometimes I feel like life is so hard, ya know? and then here's this incredibly talented guy with a gorgeous family doing something nuts and great because he just has to. Jeez, it's not like my life requires putting myself into situations where I could be pummeled to death (although it sometimes does feel like that). All I want to do is make stuff, sell it, and go hiking. My life goals seem so easy of a sudden.

Anyway, stay true everybody. stay safe (relatively).

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Mollyandollie said...

Great post Karen. Love the photo of him with his daughter...so sweet. And I think you've hit on it. You gotta live or it's just not worth it. Whatever living means to you.