Slow and Steady ...

I reached a milestone the other day, 100 etsy sales. No big whoop I suppose. but I do remember thinking back to the day I started selling my pieces and 100 was a goal. and I did this without any advertising or major blog features. Just good ole word of mouth or striking a cord with a stranger - that feels pretty good.

So what's that proverb - slow and steady wins the race? That's what I like to call my strategy - slow and steady.

not to be confused with slacking or procrastinating! I feel like I am really trying to plan out all aspects of my business from production to branding to finances - and do it responsibly. And on top of that, design pieces that will stand the test of time. I think it takes awhile to weed through all the advice that's given on blogs and in books and figure out what will work for you in the long term. So that's where I'm at, planning for the long term.

I'm a big fan of the Slow Design Movement ... comprehensive, holistic, inclusive, reflective and considered. That sounds pretty trippy - I'm really hoping it's not a movement that justifies counterproductive talking in circles.

This pic makes me really want to drop everything a eat a hot dog. Is that counterproductive?

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